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SnapShot! 3.4 for Dynamics CRM released

Version 3.4 of SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM is now available. This release corrects two issues that were found when running reports against a Dynamics CRM 2011 organization that was upgraded from Dynamics CRM 4.0.  Basically, the data structures were slightly different than a Dynamics CRM 2011 installation that was installed from scratch. This resulted in […]

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2 New tool for Dynamics CRM Developers: CRM REST Builder

Fellow MVP Jason Lattimer (@JLattimer) has released a really cool tool for us Dynamics CRM JavaScript developers: CRM Rest Builder This is a solution you install inside of Dynamics CRM with the main interface looking like this:   Features We can utilize the following SDK methods: Retrieve RetrieveMultiple Create Update Delete Associate Disassociate   Generated […]

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1 Event Follow-up using Click Dimensions Event Registration Data

In our previous article, Click Dimensions: Use webinar data to create marketing lists, we discussed how to create marketing lists based on the registrants for GoTo Webinar webinars. Today, let’s take that a step further and discuss how we would use those marketing lists to follow with both attendees and registrants (those who did not […]

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2 Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Dynamics CRM 2013

SCOM Pack for Dynamics CRM 2013 is out. The views, monitors, rules, and knowledge specific to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 that comprise this Management Pack provide the means for System Center Operations Manager users to centrally manage the server application, its component services, and the computers on which they run. The Monitoring Pack for Microsoft […]

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JavaScript Upgrade Gotcha #2: Using the JavaScript eval method

The use of the JavaScript method eval is considered to be bad coding practice by most of the JavaScript Technorati. That doesn’t stop people from using it, and it makes automatic conversion verify difficult. Consider this code:   this.FieldName1 = "name"; eval(‘this.Field1 = crmForm.all.’ + this.FieldName1);   While I will not debate the merits of […]

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