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1 Web Resource Naming

I found something quite interesting while working on my CRM Migration Assistant JavaScript conversion tool. We you create a web resource, you, the developer, are responsible for prepending the name of the web resource with the proper Customization Prefix. The second rather interesting fact is that CRM doesn’t care what that prefix is. It seems […]

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4 CRM 2011 Development Skeleton

Back in 2009 I released a small Visual Studio solution that contained all you needed to get started connecting and communicating with CRM 4.0: CRM 4.0 Development Skeleton It was fairly popular, having almost 1,000 downloads over the course of almost two years. I finally blocked out the time and updated the skeleton for CRM […]

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1 Changing the CRM startup experience

In case you didn’t know, each CRM user can change their initial web client startup experience by modifying several different settings that control how the home page is displayed. Let’s walk through the process:   Changing the Workplace You access your personal options through File, Options: When the Set Personal Options dialog is displayed, click […]

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2 CRM 2011: Exploring the Developer Resources Page

CRM 2011 includes a Developer Resources page which provides additional information and tools for the CRM developer. You find the page by navigating to: Settings, Customizations, Developer Resources, where the following page is display: So, how can I use this information?   Organization Unique Name The Unique Name for an organization is the internal name […]

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