Plugin Development for Dynamics CRM

Course Description:

This hands-on workshop is designed to get the Microsoft .NET developer full-immersed in the world of creating plug-ins for Dynamics CRM.


Two days (may possibly be split into four half-days)




This is an Internet-based, hands-on workshop with each student provided their own virtual development environment for the duration of the class.


$895 per student (10% discount is applied for two or more students)


Plugin architecture and design

  • The Dynamics CRM execution pipeline
  • The how, why, and where of plugging into Dynamics CRM
  • Performance considerations
  • Working in the sandbox

The development environment

  • Setup
  • Source control
  • Working in teams

Deploying plugins

  • To CRM
  • In a solution
  • To CRM Online (if applicable to the student population)

Debugging plugins

  • Synchronous vs. asynchronous
  • Full-trust vs. sandboxed

Custom activity

  • Architecture
  • Design features
  • Deployment

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

  • Asynchronous process monitoring
  • System job cleanup and maintenance

Miscellaneous Topics

  • Open-lab time
  • Upgrade scenarios
  • Code-recovery of lost source plugin code

Plug-In Exercises:

  • Exercise 1: Autonumber – DateTime
  • Exercise 2: Autonumber – QueryExpression
  • Exercise 3: Autonumber – SQL
  • Exercise 4: Create Related Records
  • Exercise 5: Generate a Formal Name
  • Exercise 6: Handling Exceptions
  • Exercise 7: Multi-Entity Plugin
  • Exercise 8: Monitoring Plug-In Depth
  • Exercise 9: Auto-Assign Records
  • Exercise 10: Zip Code Lookup
  • Exercise 11: Child Record Rollup
  • Exercise 12: Data Validation
  • Exercise 13: Audit Log

Custom Workflow Activity Exercises:

  • Exercise 1: Route a New Lead
  • Exercise 2: Verify Email