Dynamics Deep Dive: Security


Discusses Dynamics CRM security in-depth.

Dynamics CRM Deep Dive: Plug-ins

An in-depth guide to designing, developing, and deploying plug-ins.

Transformer! for Dynamics CRM

Moving to Dynamic CRM 2011 or CRM 2011?  Have a heavily customized system which uses lots of JavaScript? Then the Transformer! for Dynamics CRM can help.

If the JavaScript you wrote for CRM 4.0 was using supported methods, it will continue to function just fine in CRM 201x.

But, if you used unsupported methods, like hiding and showing fields, sections, tabs, navigation elements, etc., you’ll need to manually refactor that code to make it work properly within CRM 201x.

Also, the JavaScript object model for CRM 201x has been totally restructured to provide a more robust platform for XRM development.  That restructuring required a totally different and separate object model which gives the JavaScript developer additional functionality.  It also adds support for development practices which were widely used in CRM 4.0, but totally unsupported ( as mentioned above ).

The Transformer! for Dynamics CRM converts your CRM 4.0 JavaScript, both supported and unsupported alike, into properly formatted and supported CRM 201x JavaScript, using the new object model.


SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM

The ultimate documentation tool for Dynamics CRM.  The one tool that gives you a SnapShot! of your Dynamics CRM Organization configuration – in only minutes.


Explorer! for Dynamics CRM

Analyze your entities to help answer the following questions:

  • Do I have my forms design correctly?
  • Are the most important fields in the entity at the top of my form, where users can find them quickly?
  • Do I have fields on my form that have no data in the database?
  • Do I have fields in the database that contain data that are not on my form?

Answering these questions will help you optimize your user’s experience by eliminating unused and unnecessary form fields.

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