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4 The value of using Visual Studio to edit your Dynamics CRM JavaScript

As I have stated previously, if you are not using Visual Studio to edit your Dynamics CRM JavaScript, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Consider this code:     Can you spot the problem? Visual Studio and Resharper did. Notice the blue line under Industrytotal? It is there because Industrytotal has not been defined […]

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iFrames and Relative Paths

I ran into this issue again and although I am sure I write about it before, I can’t find a reference to it. The Scenario In Dynamics CRM 4.0 it was quite common for companies (on-premise) to have custom ASP.NET pages that were shown within the context of the Dynamics CRM web site.  Since they […]

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Upgraded Dynamics CRM 4.0 Anomaly

One of my SnapShot! customers ran into what could be one of the strangest anomaly’s this week that I thought I would document here, so that other people (including myself) can find it. They were running SnapShot! against a Dynamics CRM 2011 organization as they were prototyping to move to Dynamics CRM 2011.  The organization […]

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JavaScript Upgrade Gotcha #2: Using the JavaScript eval method

The use of the JavaScript method eval is considered to be bad coding practice by most of the JavaScript Technorati. That doesn’t stop people from using it, and it makes automatic conversion verify difficult. Consider this code:   this.FieldName1 = "name"; eval(‘this.Field1 = crmForm.all.’ + this.FieldName1);   While I will not debate the merits of […]

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1 JavaScript Upgrade Gotcha #1: The .id property

Consider this code segment: var oField = executionObj.getEventSource(); if ( == “new_field1” || == “new_field2”) { // do something } This uses the JavaScript .id property to retrieve the field name. Since this type of code can represent both form controls as well as data items (from SOAP or REST calls), it would be […]

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.NET Upgrade: Interesting Workflow Activity Upgrade Issue

I ran into an interesting issue today upgrading a custom workflow activity.  I received this error: <OrganizationServiceFault xmlns="" xmlns:i="">   <ErrorCode>-2147200995</ErrorCode>   <ErrorDetails xmlns:a="" />   <Message>Duplicate workflow activity group name: ”, activity name: ‘Assign email regarding to case’.</Message>   <Timestamp>2013-06-14T19:45:24.1533902Z</Timestamp>   <InnerFault>     <ErrorCode>-2147200995</ErrorCode>     <ErrorDetails xmlns:a="" />     <Message>Duplicate workflow activity group name: […]

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