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1 CRM 2011 SDK Nugget: Images

If you’ve ever explored the CRM SDK folder system, then you have probably noticed it includes various unexpected goodies, which is the topic for today’s article. Look in: sdk\resources\images and you will find 2,540 files representing the various user interface components, such as icons. So, if you’ve ever needed to create an add-on that needs […]

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3 Dynamics CRM 2011 Quick-Tip: Double-clicking e-mail addresses

I didn’t actually realize it until this week, but if you double-click on an email address field within Dynamics CRM 2011, it will actually open the default email application ( such as Microsoft Outlook ), and create a new e-mail message. So double-clicking this email address: Results in a standard Outlook e-mail message being opened: […]

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Book Release: Dynamics Deep Dive Security

Today I am releasing the first in a series of Deep Dive books related to all things Dynamics CRM: The first book is a dive deep into Dynamics CRM 2011 security where you will discover what really happens behind–the–scenes. We will cover the following topics: Business units Security roles and privileges Users and teams Auditing […]

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