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1 Visual Studio Error Solved:The property could not be read/written because the language service returned an unknown error

One of my products has been acting “funny” for a while and I have not been able to figure out what exactly the problem was, until this past weekend. I display the application version number on the status bar and after an update (unknown as to what, Windows, VS, or what), it started showing  […]

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1 Current list of Dynamics 365 Online regions

As of 15 May 2017, here is a list of the current Dynamics 365 Online regions: North America ( South America ( Canada ( EMEA ( APAC ( Australia ( Japan ( India ( North America 2-for Government ( United Kingdom ( Microsoft Cloud Germany (

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Dynamics CRM/365 SDK Locations

Many of my training classes mention this list of the various Dynamics CRM SDKs so I thought I would post it here for safe-keeping.   Dynamics CRM 2011: Dynamics CRM 2013: Dynamics CRM 2015: Dynamics CRM 2016: Dynamics 365:           ** this is the same as the 2016 SDK

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Dynamics CRM SDK 8.0.2 is available

The SDK for Dynamics CRM 2016 has been updated. You may download it here. Release history for SDK Version 8.0.2, February 2016 SDK\Bin Updated the assemblies for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premises). Create early bound entity classes with the code generation tool (CrmSvcUtil.exe) Added two new command line […]

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Dynamics CRM Developer Tip O’ the Day: Does the user have a security role?

Occasionally, when working with .NET and the Dynamics CRM SDK, you’ll find a need to see if the current user has a particular security role. This is helpful before performing any operation that may result in a security exception. Here is a small method to handle that call: public bool UserHasSecurityRole(OrganizationService service, string securityRoleName) { […]

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Dynamics CRM JavaScript: Ensure the current record is Saved before opening a new record

In yesterday’s post, Tracing the Dynamics CRM Form Data save Operation, I discussed identifying data that would be sent to the database when you saved a Dynamics CRM record. Part of the issue I was facing was related to the form not completing the save operation before I opened a new form record. Since Dynamics […]

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