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Converting to CRM 2011 JavaScript: Form Elements

One of the most fascinating things I found during the creation of the CRM Migration Assistant is the different methods developers use to access CRM form fields, and other form elements. Normally, people access a form field using the following style of JavaScript: This is the normal and perfectly acceptable (and supported) method for […]

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1 Developer Tip ‘o the Day: Ribbons and Web Resources

You can customize the CRM 2011 Ribbon to add additional functionality via buttons, for example. When you add such a button, you use Web Resources to identify things such as icons and JavaScript functions, like this: $webresource:new_CloneRecord.js $webresource:new_CloneRecord32x32 It important to remember that any Web Resources referenced by the Ribbon exist ( added to CRM […]

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1 What is inside a CRM 2011 Solution file anyway?

Dynamics CRM 2011 introduced us to Solutions, which are self-contained packages of components, customize CRM 2011 to add specific features and/or entities. Like the exported customizations in CRM 4.0, a solution file is a ZIP file, but it can contain a variety of information.  Here is a sample of the contents: Files: [Content_Types].xml customizations.xml solution.xml […]

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