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Dynamics CRM JavaScript: Ensure the current record is Saved before opening a new record

In yesterday’s post, Tracing the Dynamics CRM Form Data save Operation, I discussed identifying data that would be sent to the database when you saved a Dynamics CRM record. Part of the issue I was facing was related to the form not completing the save operation before I opened a new form record. Since Dynamics […]

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Dynamics CRM JavaScript: Working with Tabs and Sections-The right way

Back in March I wrote the following article: Dynamics CRM Developer Tip O’ the Day: Working with Tabs. Today I was working on some pre-existing customer JavaScript and ran across this: Xrm.Page.ui.tabs.get(0).sections.get(6).setVisible(false); // Hide section Don’t ever do that! Bad developer! Bad! So again, never, ever use the numerical value to reference a Tab or […]

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CRM JavaScript Conversion Strategies Summary

Over on my main company site, CRM Accelerators, I have concluded a series on strategies related to converting your JavaScript from Dynamics CRM 4.0 to 2011+. Strategies Here is the summary: JavaScript Upgrade Gotcha #1: The .id property JavaScript Upgrade Gotcha #2: Using the JavaScript eval method JavaScript Upgrade Gotcha #3: The .style property JavaScript […]

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