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.NET Upgrade: Interesting Workflow Activity Upgrade Issue

I ran into an interesting issue today upgrading a custom workflow activity.  I received this error: <OrganizationServiceFault xmlns="" xmlns:i="">   <ErrorCode>-2147200995</ErrorCode>   <ErrorDetails xmlns:a="" />   <Message>Duplicate workflow activity group name: ”, activity name: ‘Assign email regarding to case’.</Message>   <Timestamp>2013-06-14T19:45:24.1533902Z</Timestamp>   <InnerFault>     <ErrorCode>-2147200995</ErrorCode>     <ErrorDetails xmlns:a="" />     <Message>Duplicate workflow activity group name: […]

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1 CRM Upgrade Note: Check your URL References

I ran into an unexpected situation during an upgrade that quite honestly, left me a bit baffled. It seems a breaking change was introduced during the CRM 2011 upgrade process.   Some Background In CRM 4.0, you could open an Entity record with either one of the following URLs: http://crm2011/Contoso/userdefined/edit.aspx?id=%7bE50B1A7B-1AA2-E211-953E-00155D200507%7d&etn=new_entity http://crm2011/Contoso/userdefined/edit.aspx?id=%7bE50B1A7B-1AA2-E211-953E-00155D200507%7d&etc=10010 The difference being using […]

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