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JavaScript Upgrade Gotcha #5: = does not equal ==

I run into this occasionally when converting Dynamics CRM 4.0 JavaScript into the 2011 object model. Consider this piece of code: if ((crmForm.all.new_field1.DataValue >= 3) && (crmForm.all.new_field1.DataValue <= 10)) { sitetotal = 2; } else if (crmForm.all.new_field1.DataValue > 10) { sitetotal = 3; } else if (crmForm.all.new_field1.DataValue = 0) { sitetotal = 0; } Can […]

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4 The value of using Visual Studio to edit your Dynamics CRM JavaScript

As I have stated previously, if you are not using Visual Studio to edit your Dynamics CRM JavaScript, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Consider this code:     Can you spot the problem? Visual Studio and Resharper did. Notice the blue line under Industrytotal? It is there because Industrytotal has not been defined […]

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JavaScript Upgrade Strategy #7: Code Consolidation

Continuing on our refactor process, we enter the code consolidation phase. This includes the following processes:   Remove duplicate functions One of the features of Transformer! is to identify duplicate functions when performing the conversion process but you can always just hunt these down manually, if necessary.  There are actually two types of duplicates that […]

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