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CRM 4.0’s Built-in SQL Functions (Part 4 of 5)

In this section, we’ll cover year-related functions. You may wish to review the following articles before proceeding: CRM 4.0’s Built-in SQL Functions (Part 1 of 5) CRM 4.0’s Built-in SQL Functions (Part 2 of 5) CRM 4.0’s Built-in SQL Functions (Part 3 of 5)   dbo.fn_BeginOfLastYear Returns the beginning date and time for last year. […]

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3 Applying Visualization to Software Development

Over the past several years, I have read and seen multiple references to a practice called Visualization, which is when a person rehearses a physical action by performing the task mentally. Examples that come to mind are the NASA astronaut training program, Olympic athletes, and the Navy’s Blue Angels.  Note: You can perform an Internet […]

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2 Cascading Style Sheet Color chart

While digging around the Net today, I ran across an extremely valuable color chart for cascading style sheets. They actually created the chart by scanning paint samples from a major household paint manufacturer. The samples art well organized and they provide facilities that show the color values in both Hex and RGB.

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