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Course Update: The Art and Science of Model-Driven App Design

Hi Everyone, I added/updated my Art and Science of Model-Driven App Design course last weekend. Here are the highlights:Module: Forms – Technical ReviewLesson: Using Emojis in Option Set FieldsLesson: Hiding the Related Entity NavigationLesson: Using the Spacer ComponentModule: Forms – Design ReviewLesson: What is the ROI of a design decision?Theme Generator SolutionOne of the highlights of […]

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Free Webinar Friday Recording: Eliminating Technical Debt (in Dynamics 365)

This week we will be discussing how to eliminate¬†technical debt in your Dynamics 365 system (model-driven apps).¬†Any system, no matter how well-designed, sooner or later, has a tendency to get filled with stuff you don’t need any longer.¬† We will be covering:¬† How to identify what needs to be removed Processes and procedures Useful tools […]

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