Free Webinar Friday Recording: Design Session – Building a Theme Generator

This week’s webinar is something a bit different, but has been on my drawing board for quite some period of time.[ I am the slowest and most deliberate person I know. 🙂 ]

Part of my upcoming course: The Art and Science of Model-Driven App Design, includes a module on Themes. As you may or may not know, themes are a way to change the logo and some of the user-interface colors.

The problem is the user interface for that part of the product is horrible (yes, I said that out loud).

So as I was working on some of the content for the course last weekend, I got to thinking that maybe, just maybe, I had a solution to that problem: I would create my own Theme Generator tool that is built totally within the platform and would allow the System Customizer to quickly and easily create or edit themes. So in this webinar, we will:

  • Walk through the goals of the solution
  • Where I obtained the design
  • The iterations required to go from an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to a production-quality application 
  • Building the user interface (Unified and using custom PCF components)
  • The back-end processed involved in synchronizing the custom Theme with the built-in theme

The end-product will be an actual part of my course. The reason I am doing this, is to show you the thought processes, and physical labor that are required to create a Power Platform solution.

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