Monthly Archives: January 2020

Mitch’s Minute: Using the XrmToolbox Attribute Usage Inspector

In last week’s webinar we discussed eliminating technical debt.  In this week’s Mitch’s Minute, I wanted to showcase the XrmToolbox Attribute Usage Inspector plugin which can help you determine which fields may possibly be removed. Remember: There are two things you are searching for when reviewing the data from this tool: 1. Do we have fields on […]

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Free Webinar Friday Recording: Eliminating Technical Debt (in Dynamics 365)

This week we will be discussing how to eliminate technical debt in your Dynamics 365 system (model-driven apps). Any system, no matter how well-designed, sooner or later, has a tendency to get filled with stuff you don’t need any longer.  We will be covering:  How to identify what needs to be removed Processes and procedures Useful tools […]

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