Beginning of the Year Sale on SnapShot! Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone,

Well 2019 is finally in full swing and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season.  I have been wanting to run a special on SnapShot! for a while but didn’t want to get lost in all of the holiday activities, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, my cat’s on fire Wednesday, or any of that.

So this week, from Monday, 7 January until Saturday, 12 January, I am offering a special on SnapShot!, the ultimate documentation tool for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365:

Instead of the standard license duration of twelve (12) months, for this one week, any SnapShot! purchase will include a license that lasts for sixteen (16) months.

If you have any questions or comments, just drop me an email.

Thanks, Mitch

PS. And stay tuned for some major updates that are coming in the next few months.

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