Twelve Weeks of Commitment to Learning D365 JavaScript

On Saturday, 3 November I am re-launching my Advanced Dynamics 365  JavaScript Development course.  As I mentioned earlier, we’re going to do things a little bit differently this time.



This course will be run as a cohort.  This allows students to share experiences and help each other as we all progress through the material.

The course will take a little over twelve weeks to complete. Each week will bring a new module with accompanying exercises and things that need to be accomplished.

A private Facebook group will be used to facilitate communications between students and the instructor (me in this case).  I will drop in at least once a week to make sure that all of the questions will be answered. In addition, once per month, we’ll have a live office-hours session to discuss things in person. Dates and times will be forthcoming and will be dependent on where on the planet everyone is located. I will try and accommodate the various time zones.


Important Dates

  • Registration for free course tuition giveaway ends on 26 October at 7:00pm Central Time (US).
  • The doors to purchase the course will be open from Saturday, 27 October through Friday, 2 November.  After which you will not be able to purchase the course until the next cohort is created, probably sometime in the Spring of 2019.
  • The course will officially start on 3 November with the distribution of the first module. We will probably also have a face-to-face meeting sometime that week to make sure everyone has the materials and understands the process by which we will be working for the next few months.


Invest in Your Future

The cost for investing in this course is $799. This gives you lifetime access to the materials – along with any future updates.


Next Steps

Register for free course tuition giveaway. This will put you at the top of the list for course access.


Advanced Dynamics 365 JavaScript Development Curriculum

Here is a list of the modules that we will be covering during the length of the course.


It should be noted that this course will focus exclusively on the Dynamics 365 CE v9.x object model. You will have access to the v8.x course as well, in case you are not yet ready to make the move to v9.0.

There is also the possibility that I will modify the curriculum as we go along and I see better methods for the delivery of the course.


Week 1

Module 1: Before We Begin

Module 2: Getting Started

Module 3: Dynamics 365 JavaScript Object Model

Module 4: Differences in the Dynamics 365 CE v9 Object Model

Module 5: Creating a JavaScript Namespace Framework

Module 6: JavaScript Form Libraries and Event Handlers

Module 7: User Interface Design Elements

Week 2

Module 8: Working with Data

Week 3

Module 9: Working with Controls

Week 4

Module 10: Working with Tabs

Module 11: Working with Sections

Week 5

Module 12: Working with OptionSets

Week 6

Module 13: Working with Lookups

Module 14: Working with Collections

Week 7

Module 15: Working with the formContext.ui Methods

Module 16: Working with Xrm.Navigation Methods

Week 8

Module 17: Working with Xrm.Utility Methods

Week 9

Module 18: Understanding and Working with the Execution Context

Module 19: Working with the Save Event

Week 10

Module 20: Working with the CRM RESTBuilder Tool

Module 21: Working with Xrm.WebApi methods

Week 11

Module 22: Working with Grids

Week 12

Module 23: Working with formContext.ui.quickForms Methods

Bonus Modules

Module 24: Working with Xrm.Device Methods

Module 25: Working with Xrm.Encoding Methods

Module 26: Working with formContext.ui.process Methods

Module 27: Working with formContext.ui.navigation Methods

Module 28: Working with formContext.ui.formSelector Methods

Module 29: Working with the Ribbon/Command Bar

Module 30: Tools, tips, techniques and code samples

Please let me know if you have any questions about the course.

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