So how about an update to the ultimate Dynamics CRM/D365 CE Documentation tool????

Hi Everyone,

Today I present to you the latest version of SnapShot!, the ultimate documentation too for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.


SnapShot! 4.6 for Dynamics CRM/365 Release Notes

The following changes and additions have been made to SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM/365:

New Reports

There is a new report called Entities with Customizations. This is a summary of the number of
custom fields that have been added by each Publisher defined within the system.

Bug Fixes

  • There was a design flaw that was probably caused by a change in the form XML layout which
    caused SnapShot! to ignore custom Event Handlers on certain entities. This has been corrected
    and now all custom Event Handlers are properly reported.
  • There has been an issue over the years where sometimes the security role reports will not be
    generated. It is extremely random and there has never been a consistent cause or situation that

I have been able to identify. It is related to the use of parallel branching which I use to generate
reports as quickly as possible. I think we finally tracked it down and have changed the report
generation code to use an alternative method while still maximizing the output.

If you do not have the same number of files in the RawData folder as you do the security roles
folder, then there is a problem.




SnapShot! was updated to use the latest Dynamics 365 assemblies (dlls). This corrected an
issue connecting to Dynamics 365 as well as some of the later versions of Dynamics

Unfortunately, there was a build number difference in the prior version of the Dynamics
365 SDK DLLs so you will need to uninstall the previous version before deploying the
new version. You license files should remain untouched.


o l reviewed all the reports and tried to make sure each column of data was formatted

Security Roles – User Privileges

If the user has no assigned security roles there will be no associated privileges. The Raw
User Privilege report generator took that into consideration and would not generate the
raw data files if they were empty. The code that generated the standard Raw User
Privileges report did not have the same check, so it would generate the reports that
were empty, for all practical purposes. This could lead to the UserPrivileges and
UserPrivileges-RawData folders having a different number of files. SnapShot! has been
modified so that the same check is performed during both generation processes and the
number of files should now match.

Security Roles

Added privileges for Dynamics 365 v9.


Download SnapShot! Lite, give it a run, and let me know what you think.

Thanks, Mitch


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