Lessons Learned: Installing Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App

This information is valid as of September, 2nd, 2017 and is subject to change without notice.


So I have about 5 hours invested into this operation and I wanted to share what I learned so that you can do it in 1.  Let’s get started.


Step 1: Download the Required Files

1. Navigate to Settings, Solutions and open the Field Service solution, where you will be placed on the Configuration page, which looks something like this:

Field Service Solution Configuration

2. Click on the first link: Download Resco Woodford Solution.

3. Under Step 1.1, there is a link to the Resco Site. Click that link and you will see this page:

Resco Woodford page


4. Click the button that says: Download for 2013, 2015, & 2016. This will allow you to save the Woodford solution to your workstation.

5. While you are on this page, click the Install button under the Standalone Application section to install the Windows application on your workstation.  DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

This application required Silverlight so if you do not have it on your computer, it will have to be installed.

6. Back on the Install the Field Service mobile app page, scroll down to Step 2 and download the template file.


** This completes the step 1.


Step 2: Install the Woodford Solution.

1. Navigate back to Settings, Solutions, and click the Install button on the toolbar.

2. Select the file you downloaded in Step 1.4 and import that solution.

3. Ignore the other instructions from the setup page regarding starting the Woodford solution from within Dynamics 365.

In my experience, attempting to launch the MobileCRM Woodford app from within Dynamics 365:

MobileCRM Woodford


Results in an error that cannot be bypassed:

isolated storage error

Failed to check the isolated storage error.


** This completes Step 2.


Step 3: Configure Woodford

The following steps will actually install the Woodford configuration into the Resco system within Dynamics 365.

1. From Windows, launch the Resco MobileCRM Woodford Application.

2. On the Ribbon, click the Import button.

Woodford Ribbon


3. Select the file you downloaded in Step 1.6, which is named: CentaurusStoreVersion.woodford.

4. The following configuration options need to be set:

Resco Mobile Project

Type: Standard User

Name: Can probably be anything you want. (I used Field Service Mobile, as you can see.)

Priority: Can also probably be anything you want. (I used 10.)

Roles: Select all of the security roles that start with Field Service.

Also add the System Administrator security role. This was my major stumbling block. The other option is to give yourself one or more of the Field Service roles. The Applications will not function properly without the proper security roles on the user.

Click OK when you are done to complete the import.

5. Double-click the Mobile Project you just added.



6. Change the version to 9.1  This is extremely important.

Woodford 2

7. Click the Publish All button.


** This completes Step 3.


Step 4: Install the Windows 10 Field Service Application

I always like to install the Windows version of the app so that I can test to make sure all of the configuration is flowing properly and that I do not have server-related issues. I find this easier than doing everything on the mobile or tablet device.

The App you want to install is this one:

Windows 10 App


** This completes Step 4.


Step 5: Install the Field Service Mobile Application on the Mobile Device

On your phone or tablet, install this application:

Field Service App - Mobile


** This completes Step 5.


Step 6: Field Service Application Configuration

So the Field Service Application works and mostly looks the same on the desktop and the mobile device.

1. To connect to Dynamics 365, click on the Setup label

FS App setup 1

2. Click on the Connect link beside Dynamics 365

3. Enter your credentials for Dynamics 365 access.

4. You may also wish to connect to the other services listed as well as configure the other settings.

5. When finished, click the save button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

6. When you return to the main screen, click on the synchronize button in the upper-right corner of the screen:

FS sync button

This will synchronize your metadata and data from Dynamics 365.


** This completes Step 6 and your Field Service Mobile Application should now be fully configured.


What I learned

I spent way too much time on issues that could not be fixed.  The two biggest problems that I faced were the wrong version of the Resco metadata to use (Step 3.6) and not having the Field Service security roles assigned to my user (Step 3.4). That produced this error, when I attempted to review a booking:








Error: Cannot access Bookings because the default Woodford project is not installed. To install the project, navigate to the Field Service solution documentation and download the Dynamics 365 template.


While it appears that this error is caused by Woodford solution not being installed, that is not the case.  It was filtering on security role and my user was filtered out of the users that could access the application and I assume that no data was being returned, which to the application, looked like it had not been configured.


Final Note

So I wrote this article after the fact and I may have missed steps. Please let me know if that is the case and I will correct them.

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