Vote for CRM Idea: CRM portals sandbox license

If you didn’t know, Microsoft moved from Connect to the new Ideas portal last year in hopes of soliciting additional feedback regarding enhancements and changes to the Dynamics CRM/365 product.

Today I would ask that you add your vote for this idea: CRM portals sandbox license

It’s only received 20 votes, including my own, and we’ll need many more than that to make a difference in the product direction.


Several of my clients assume that CRM Online sandbox instances don’t require a portal license. This is understandable: users do not need additional licenses to access sandboxes and there is no guidance given in the Pricing and Licensing Guide (May 2016).

Some Microsoft representatives suggest that customers do need to purchase portal licenses for sandboxes, but I can’t find any guidance to confirm this.

Ideally, there would be a low cost CRM portals sandbox license given that sandbox portals are likely to be much less visited and used and therefore require far fewer resources than a production portal.

Status Details

Thank you for your suggestion.  We are considering ways to surface sandbox portals that may not have the same performance or availability of production portals.

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