Error of the Day: You need a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online license to continue

I ran into a situation yesterday where a customer was seeing this very scary error message:


crm permissions error


This is very odd, considering they were already logged into Dynamics CRM 2016 Online and everything was working – until it wasn’t.

After a bit of digging around, I ran into this forum post, which outlined a similar error.

One short screen-sharing session later, and we had the problem solved.

It turns out there was a workflow assigned to a custom entity and the owner of the workflow was a contractor who had recently been disabled. Since he was disabled, his Dynamics CRM license was no longer assigned, hence the error message.

While we did not do so, I think if we had clicked the Download Log File button and reviewed the actually error log contents, it would have told us the exact error message.

Best Practice

As I mention in my Dynamics CRM Deep Dive: Administration book, what I usually do is create a CRM Administrators group, assign this group the System Administrator security role, then add administrators to this group.

I then assign things like personal views and processes to the group instead of being owned by individual users. This practice would have prevented this error from occurring.

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