Dynamics 365 Learning Path Authoring. Part 1: Getting Started

Yesterday the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Team announced that Learning Path Authoring was now available.  In this article, I’ll walk through the few steps required to start creating your own learning paths.

Step 1: Enable Learning Path Authoring

The first step is to enable Learning Path Authoring, using these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings, Administration, System Settings.

2. On the General tab, scroll down until you see the Custom Help section.

3. Verify that Enable Learning Path Authoring is set to Yes.




4. Click OK.

Step 2: Add Authors to the Learning Path Authors Security Group

You create your own Learning Paths by navigating to Training, Content Library:



Note: The Content Library page appears to be on a separate web site so the navigation is a little different than normal. After you select Content Library, you will probably be moved back to your default Dynamics 365 home page (whatever that may be).  THEN the Content Library page will be displayed.

The first time you navigate to this page you will probably see in the following message:


Notice this does NOT say “Security Role” but rather “Security Group.”

Dynamics 365 does not have security groups, but Office 365 does.

Add yourself to that group using the following steps:

1. Open the Office 365 Admin panel.

2. Expand Groups.

3. Click on the Groups item and you will see your security groups.


4. Click on the Learning Path Authors security group.

5. Click the Edit link beside members.


6. Click the Add Members button.


7. Check any of your users, including yourself, that you wish to have Learning Path Authoring rights.

8. Click Save, then Close (three times) to return to the security group list.

Step 3: Viewing the Content Library.

Navigate to Training, Content Library. After a few seconds, you should see the following page:



From here you may add your own Guided Tasks.

We will get into detail on that process in the next article.

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