Two Steps to Becoming a better Dynamics CRM JavaScript Developer

Happy Friday everyone.

I get asked all of the time about becoming a Dynamics CRM Developer or becoming a better one.

Here are two things you can do today, to start down that path:

1. Sign up for Visual Studio Team Services

Formerly Visual Studio Online.

It is free for up to 5 developers and you get all kinds of stuff in the mix:

Features included

All of your team members (OK, all except your free stakeholders) can use these features in your Visual Studio Team Services account:

Need more info? Check out our detailed feature matrix.

You simply cannot underestimate the power and necessity of having a source control system on your side, for ANY type of development you do. Even if you only use the Version Control component of Team Services, you are well ahead of the game. The other features are just developer productivity gravy.

2. Purchase XrmToolKit

Formerly the CRM Solution Manager. [Note: this is not an affiliated link]

This is a different product than the free Dynamics CRM administration toolset, XrmToolbox.

I find this product invaluable. Not only does it allow me to edit my JavaScript (and other code like plugins) inside of Visual Studio, but it will also publish back to Dynamics CRM with merely a button-click. 

And as I mentioned in #1, once we have the code inside of Visual Studio, we can add it to source control and have it safe and secure in the Microsoft cloud somewhere.


Well, that’s my two cents for the day. Have a great weekend.

Thanks, Mitch

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