Dynamics CRM SDK 8.0.2 is available

The SDK for Dynamics CRM 2016 has been updated. You may download it here.

Release history for SDK Version 8.0.2, February 2016


Updated the assemblies for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premises).

Create early bound entity classes with the code generation tool (CrmSvcUtil.exe)

Added two new command line parameters: /interactivelogin, and /connectionstring.

Added support for multi factor authentication when using either the command line or interactive logon.

Trace logging configuration is now provided in the default CrmSvcUtil.exe.config file. There is now more granular control of the logged data.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web API Limitations

Updated the topic to include information about limitations removed after update rollup 1 is applied. Added the Limitations addressed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1.1 section to call out the changes. Some of the limitations in the initial release remain.

Query Data using the Web API

Updated the Retrieve a count of entities section to show that the count value is limited by the maximum number of entities that can be returned by a query, which is 5000.

Retrieve and execute predefined queries

In the Use custom FetchXML section, there is a new Paging with FetchXML sub-section that describes how to apply paging when using fetchXML queries with the Web API.

Sample: Simplified connection quick start using Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Updated the sample to use the CrmServiceClient Class instead of the CrmConnection Class.

Web API ComplexType Reference

The following complex types were added with update rollup 1:

  • CheckIncomingEmailResponse ComplexType
  • ComplexAttributeMetadata ComplexType
  • ComplexEntityKeyMetadata ComplexType
  • ComplexEntityMetadata ComplexType
  • ComplexManyToManyRelationshipMetadata ComplexType
  • ComplexOneToManyRelationshipMetadata ComplexType
  • FindParentResourceGroupResponse ComplexType
  • GetQuantityDecimalResponse ComplexType
  • IsValidStateTransitionResponse ComplexType
  • QueryMultipleSchedulesResponse ComplexType
  • RetrieveAllEntitiesResponse ComplexType
  • RetrieveLocLabelsResponse ComplexType
  • RetrievePrincipalAccessResponse ComplexType
  • TimeInfoCollection ComplexType
  • ValidateRecurrenceRuleResponse ComplexType

Web API EnumType Reference

The following enum types were added with update rollup 1:

  • AccessRights EnumType
  • EntityFilters EnumType
  • TargetFieldType EnumType

Web API Function Reference

The following functions were added with update rollup 1:

  • CheckIncomingEmail Function
  • FindParentResourceGroup Function
  • GetQuantityDecimal Function
  • IncrementKnowledgeArticleViewCount Function
  • InitializeFrom Function
  • IsValidStateTransition Function
  • QueryMultipleSchedules Function
  • RetrieveAllEntities Function
  • RetrieveDuplicates Function
  • RetrieveLocLabels Function
  • RetrievePrincipalAccess Function
  • RetrieveRecordWall Function
  • RetrieveUnpublishedMultiple Function
  • SearchByBodyKbArticle Function
  • SearchByKeywordsKbArticle Function
  • SearchByTitleKbArticle Function
  • ValidateRecurrenceRule Function