SnagIt Cut Out Options

I use Techsmith’s SnagIt utility every day for just about everything: blog posts, documentation, troubleshooting, etc.

One of the features I use a lot is Cut Out tool, which allows you to remove a horizontal or vertical slice of an image.  There are six different options available, so I thought I’d try each to see what I liked the best.


I’ll show the horizontal version since the vertical will be exactly the same.

Original Image

Here is the original image that I started with. For the purposes of the documentation I was creating, I do not need the fields from the bottom of the Name edit box to the top of the Type label.

Field - Email Address 1 -G

Totally Remove

This option will actually remove a section of an image. This is the one I typically use.

Field - Email Address 1 - A


This removes a section then fades out and back in after presenting a gap.

Field - Email Address 1 - B


This simulates the manual tearing of a piece of paper.

Field - Email Address 1 -CB


This adds a jagged edge between the cut-out areas.

Field - Email Address 1 -D


This adds a wave effect.

Field - Email Address 1 -E

Saw Tooth

This adds an edge much like the teeth on a woodworking hand saw.

Field - Email Address 1 -F



After experimenting with all six styles, I think I’ll stick with the simple Remove option. I found the others to be too distracting.

Click here to download a PDF showing the options in a document setting.