Security Reports: The coolest feature of SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM

Ok, maybe I am biased, but I am really proud of the security reports that SnapShot! generates. Here is what they are”":


Security Role Report

As you can see, this report matches the security role as seen within Dynamics CRM exactly, only this version is a Microsoft Word document:



User Privileges Report

This report shows the privileges per user, after all user and team security roles have been applied:





Security Privileges By Entity Report

This report is very much like the Security Role report but instead of listing the privileges of individual security roles, it shows the privileges by entity across all security roles:



For the Security Role and User Privilege reports, the raw privilege information is also written to an Excel worksheet in case you wish to perform analysis using your own tools.


Any way you slice it, the security role reports can make your documentation, and even trouble-shooting tasks much easier.


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