Elements of Great Design: Fractureme.com

Every now and then, I run into someone who is really thinking out of the box so this week’s “Hats Off” goes to the Fractureme.com design team.

Fracture is a service that will print any photo onto glass and they offer a variety of sizes.

The problem they face is that most people are dimensionally challenged and even when presented with a representation of width and height, most people still have a hard time visualizing just how big that actually is.

Note; Ask me about my 16 foot by 16 foot backyard pergola sometime if you need a reference.

Anyway, the FractureMe team solved this problem by adding a comparison object that would allow the prospective customer to gauge the scale of the photo.

And here is where I think the genius of their design comes into play: They chose what may be (at least here in the U.S.) an extremely common item: A can of soup:


I think that is just freaking brilliant.