Solution: Cannot load shared project in Windows Universal app after upgrading to Azure SDK 2.6

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If you had any Visual Studio projects using the Shared Project model, you probably noticed that the installation of the Azure SDK 2.6 broke Visual Studio’s ability to work with, or create new, Shared Projects.

This was first posted on this thread in the Azure forums on May 1st and it is an absolute show-stopper. The only way around this bug was to downgrade to Azure SDK v2.5.1.

It now looks like we have a solution to the issue:

The build of Azure SDK 2.6 is now available, but it may not have propagated to all download servers yet. 

You can run the Web Platform Installer and if you don’t have the new build installed, it should allow you to install 2.6 again.  But it might not if you are accessing a download server that doesn’t have the new bits yet.  If WebPI doesn’t allow you to install 2.6 again, then wait a few hours and try again. 

The build number for the version with the fixes is build 2.6.30508.1601. You can identify the build of the SDK from Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Microsoft Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 – v 2.6. The Version column will display the build number.

Chuck Weininger, Dev Lead, Microsoft


This is great news and hopefully we can get back to work.