Bulk-Editing Marketing List Members

Like many people, I used marketing lists extensively to track different groups of people that I work with.

Today I ran into a situation where I needed to perform a bulk-edit of the contacts that were part of a marketing list.

Unfortunately, many of the normal commands available with the standard contact views are not available when viewing marketing list members using the associated view.

But, I found a fairly painless way around this problem: The Advanced Find.

Create a query that looks like this:


As you can see, you are not selecting anything from the Contact, but are selecting the name of the marketing list from the Related entities section.

When you execute this query, it should show only contacts who are a member of the selected marketing list.

Once shown, select the records you would like to edit, then click the Edit button on the ribbon and you will be presented with the bulk-edit dialog where you can make changes to any of the available edit fields.

The changes you make will be applied to all of the selected records.

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