JavaScript Upgrade Strategies: The Results

So this is the conclusion to my JavaScript Upgrade Strategies series.

So now that I have told you how to do all of these things, how about asking why? Here is why:

  • Reduced code-base
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Faster user experience


Real Data Points

Here are the results after applying the conversion strategies we discussed to real customers:

  • Customer #1: 49% code reduction
  • Customer #2: 30% code reduction
  • Customer #3: 50% code reduction


And again, any type you can reduce the amount of code in the system, the better off everyone is.


Additional Value Added

One of the real points of this process really hit home recently as I upgraded Customer #2 from Dynamics CRM 2011 to 2015.  Not only did I not have to rewrite any of the JavaScript originally converted from CRM 4.0, but I was actually able to eliminate even more customizations by utilizing the newer features of CRM 2015.  There is still work to do, but I was actually shocked at how easy it was to not only upgrade the 2011 system to 2013 ( which was just a stepping point ), but also to 2015, the final destination.


Did I miss anything?

These strategies were collected from my own experiences but if you have something that I missed that you would like to share, then please let me know.

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