New License Available for SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM

I have been working on several upgrade scenarios lately and have decided to offer a new license for my documentation utility, SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM.

SnapShot! is designed to give you a complete snapshot of your Dynamics CRM organization.  Since things change over time, it is normally licensed on an annual basic

But what if you only need to run it once?  That is the question I have always asked myself.  So…


Announcing the 7-Day SnapShot! License

This is mainly geared toward situations where you just need to run SnapShot! one time and will not need to use it again for that organization.  This can happen in an upgrade situation, or maybe when you are trying to get a feel for the current state of an organization, etc.

Regardless of the requirements, I hope you find the new license type useful.


Visit the SnapShot! product page for more information.

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