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JavaScript Upgrade Gotcha #5: = does not equal ==

I run into this occasionally when converting Dynamics CRM 4.0 JavaScript into the 2011 object model. Consider this piece of code: if ((crmForm.all.new_field1.DataValue >= 3) && (crmForm.all.new_field1.DataValue <= 10)) { sitetotal = 2; } else if (crmForm.all.new_field1.DataValue > 10) { sitetotal = 3; } else if (crmForm.all.new_field1.DataValue = 0) { sitetotal = 0; } Can […]

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4 The value of using Visual Studio to edit your Dynamics CRM JavaScript

As I have stated previously, if you are not using Visual Studio to edit your Dynamics CRM JavaScript, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Consider this code:     Can you spot the problem? Visual Studio and Resharper did. Notice the blue line under Industrytotal? It is there because Industrytotal has not been defined […]

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New License Available for SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM

I have been working on several upgrade scenarios lately and have decided to offer a new license for my documentation utility, SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM. SnapShot! is designed to give you a complete snapshot of your Dynamics CRM organization.  Since things change over time, it is normally licensed on an annual basic But what if […]

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