Transformer! 2.8 Released

Hi Everyone,

I have an update to Transformer!, my JavaScript conversion utility for Dynamics CRM.


You may download the trial version here:


Updated documentation may be found here:


A full sample conversion may be downloaded here:


And just the conversion report from the sample conversion may be downloaded here:

Release Notes:

This release includes the following new functionality and conversions:


CRM 4.0 Web Service Usage Report

A new report has been added to the Conversion Report workbook that summarizes any calls made to the CRM 4.0 web service:


This is very helpful in determining how may web service calls that you have, that will need to be upgraded.



I attempt to determine if a JavaScript file is actually the jQuery library and if so, the conversion is skipped.


Third–Party Product JavaScript Libraries

A attempt is made to ignore JavaScript libraries associated with third–party products, assuming you are converting from CRM directly or from a CRM 4.0 customization export file,

At this point, Click Dimensions and ADX Studio (portal) scripts are ignored.  If you have other products that you have installed, then please let me know their customization prefix, and I’ll add it to the list.


Hide/Show Sections

There are several different methods to hide and show sections.  I’ve improved the conversion to handle two new cases I discovered:

pc[h] = "none";

converts to

pc[h].getParent().setVisible(false); = ”;

converts to



Improved Partial Field Name Support

I have improved the conversion process concerning partial field names; those attributes that end with “_c” and “_d.”  They are more effectively converted which can eliminate a large number of conversion reports.



Remember the goal of the product is to convert as much of your code from the Dynamics CRM 4.0 object model to the Dynamics CRM 2011/2013 object model as is practical. While Transformer! will convert huge percentage of your code, there will still be much work that must be performed manually.

If you notice anything that does not get converted and you feel that it should have been, then please send me the code so I can perform some analysis.


Thanks, Mitch

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