The importance of correct time when working with Dynamics CRM

Time is a funny thing.  Invented by scientists to keep everything from happening at once, and the thing that drives our modern society.

When working with Dynamics CRM it is very important that your workstation – desktop, laptop, Surface, tablet, phone, etc. – have the correct and current time.


The Problem

Consider this rather interesting error message received while attempting to connect to Dynamics CRM Online:


While not easy for a layman to read, the error simply states that you cannot connect to Dynamics CRM because the clock on your computer is more than 5 minutes different than the Dynamics CRM server you are attempting to connect to.

The real issue is this error can surface itself in a variety of ways with most of them being very hard to diagnose.  See the References section below for more information.


The Solution

This is a very easy thing to fix – just reset the computer’s clock.

This article mentions three methods for correcting the computer’s clock, with option 2, synchronization with an Internet time server being my favorite, if you are running a desktop that is connected to the Internet full-time.



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