New tool for Dynamics CRM Developers: CRM REST Builder

Fellow MVP Jason Lattimer (@JLattimer) has released a really cool tool for us Dynamics CRM JavaScript developers: CRM Rest Builder

This is a solution you install inside of Dynamics CRM with the main interface looking like this:



We can utilize the following SDK methods:

  • Retrieve
  • RetrieveMultiple
  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Associate
  • Disassociate


Generated JavaScript

CRM Rest Builder will generate code that utilizes the following JavaScript libraries to actually execute the methods:

  • XrmSvcToolkit,
  • jQuery

It can also generate Asynchronous or Synchronous method calls, depending on your requirements.


Data Selection and Filters

You can select a variety of data points to utilize including:

  • The Entity
  • Set the maximum number of values to be returned
  • Fields
  • One to Many relationships
  • Many to One relationships
  • Many to Many relationships

You can specify the data be filtered much as you would with the Dynamics CRM Advanced Find feature including:

  • Field-level filters
  • Sort orders



The generated code is displayed in a window like this:


I actually quite mad at Jason right now.  He would have saved me a couple of hours banging my head against the wall last week.  Actually, I can’t blame Jason for me not paying attention. Smile

Anyway, this is a great tool to add to your development toolbox and I for one, am excited to see it released.

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