GotoMyPC as a Mobile Developer Productivity Tool

Like most Xamarin developers I have a Mac setting on my desk.  Unfortunately I do not find myself to be as productive on a Mac keyboard as I do on the Windows Keyboard.

When Xamarin’s Visual Studio integration was released, and it became stable enough to develop with Visual Studio on my Windows workstation instead of Xamarin Studio on the Mac, I could not have been happier.

The problem still remained that I needed to access the Mac for at least some testing on the iOS simulator.  At first I was just turning my chair and using the Macbook directly.

Then I remembered that GoToMyPC has a Mac client, and I happen to have a two-host license.  So, I installed GotoMyPC on the Mac, and have really enjoyed how much code I can write, and test, using this setup.

I am comfortable with my development tools (Visual Studio, Resharper, etc)., and when I need test my iOS apps, I just open a GotoMyPC session to my Mac and run the simulator.

When I work from home I actually use GotoMyPC to connect to my desktop at the office and when doing iOS development, just start another session to my Mac, which is also at the office.

I mention this now because I don’t think a lot of people think about a remote desktop tool being a productivity aid for developers – and it may not be for everyone – but it sure was for me.

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