My Non-Entry for this year’s Xamarin Xammy Awards

So I am coming out of stealth-mode to announce what I think we all can agree is a “game changing application,” that runs across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


Announcing Beer:30



I had planned to submit Beer:30 for this year’s Xammy Awards but I just didn’t have time to finish all of the bells and whistles I have planned.  So, this is my non-entry.

I just wanted to other contestants how close they came to being a no-show since I surely would have won multiple Xammy categories.

So, without further ado, here is why Beer:30 will be the breakthrough application of 2014:


Beer:30 is Transformative

The sole purpose of Beer:30 is to tell you where in the world it is 5:00pm, what kinds of beer are probably being consumed, and otherwise give you that smallest of excuses as to why you should leave work early.  Transformational? You bet!


Beer:30 is Innovative

NDA. Sorry.


Beer:30 is Revolutionary

Think about it.  Beer: The fuel of revolutions.  Now at your fingertips.  What is not to love about that?


Beer:30 is Versatile

As @JosephHill mentioned, it is indeed a BYOB world out there and one must come prepared.  Who knows, today Beer:30 is on your phone; tomorrow it could be powering off your work computer and preprogramming you in-car navigation system to deliver you to your favorite pub.  The possibilities are endless.

Note: These are examples only!  Please do not ask us about future developments. Those are still under NDA…


Beer:30 is Descriptive

Now this is where it get’s really scary.  So I have been working on Beer:30, off and on, on the iOS platform for about 5 years.  I think.  Actually, I have no idea, but a long time.  And yes, I know, that is a long time, but perfection cannot be rushed.  That and the fact that time zone calculations are horrible.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I converted the whole damn thing to Xamarin.Forms in about an hour.  This is including research time to find a really cool PCL-based date library that would work across platforms.


In Conclusion

So that is about it folks.  Stay tuned and hopefully my perfectionism and product schedule will coincide and I will have Beer:30 finished in time for Evolve 2014.

See you in Atlanta!

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