SnapShot! v3.3 Released

A new version of SnapShot! for Dynamics CRM is available so if you are needing to produce the ultimate set of documentation for your Dynamics CRM organization, you should check it out.

Here are the changes found in v3.3:

New Reports:

  • Personal Settings have been added to the Main Report. This report contains the relevant settings from a user’s personal options configuration.
  • User Email Settings have been added to the Main Report.  This report contains information specific to a user and the various email–related settings they may have. This report was created to help me troubleshoot user’s email configuration issues at one of my customers.



  • The new security privileges added to the Dynamics CRM 2013 Spring Wave (SO1) have been added to the security role reports.


Bug Fixes:

  • An issue was corrected related to the user counts per security role. Depending on how you generated the SnapShot! Reports, these counts could sometimes be reported as zeroes.


For More Information:

Visit the SnapShot! product page:

You can download a sample report here:

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