Migrating .NET code from Dynamics CRM 4.0 to 201x

Hi Everyone,

Since I think a lot of people never get around to searching the archives, I thought I’d mention a project I started a while ago to aid the .NET developer in moving your code to the Dynamics CRM 201x version.

The project may be found here:


Project Description
This project is designed to assist the .NET developer who is migrating their C# code from the CRM 4.0 object model to the CRM 2011 object model.

The initial purpose of the project is to generate Visual Studio macros which perform search and replace operations to which change the code from one syntax to the other.

It is planned that in a later stage of the project, we will read and covert source files directly.


This project contains all of the knowledge I accumulated during a couple of CRM 4.0 migrations I performed.

If you have some time, take a look.  If you have some knowledge to share and wish to make additions, then please let me know.

Thanks, Mitch

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