Correcting Email Router issues after transitioning CRM Online to Office 365

I had one of my CRM Online organizations transition to the O365 platform a couple of weekends ago.  Not exactly a smooth process.  One of the issues I ran into was my email router was not running due to configuration changes.  Here is a list of things I worked through.  Hopefully this will help some other folks.


CRM Online URL

The URL that you utilize for CRM Online with Office 365 is different than that of CRM Online with Windows Live authentication.  The new format looks like this:[organization name]

[organization name] is the name of your CRM Online organization as seen on the Developer Resources page (Settings, Customizations, Developer Resources).


Unable to Publish Configuration

Is everyone familiar with the Chicken or the Egg conundrum?  Well I ran into that here.  I could not publish the configuration from the Email Router Configuration application because the Email Router Service was not running.


Email Router Service Will Not Start

The email router would not start because it could not find the Microsoft.Crm.Tools.EmailAgent.xml file, which is created by publishing the configuration.


The only way I successfully got around these issues was to perform a Repair on the CRM Email Router installation and that returned the system to normal.  The email router start successfully and I was able to publish my new configuration.


Other Issues

I did not, but you may also run into this issue:

The Email Router and Microsoft.Crm.Tools.EmailAgent.SystemState.xml file


Good luck. 


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