Transformer! 2.6 Released

Version 2.6 of Transformer!, the ultimate Dynamics CRM JavaScript conversion tool is now available.

New in this release:

New Transformations:

1. .GetControl

Now converts to .getControl


2. crmForm.attachEvent(“onsave”, onsave);
crmForm.all.productid.attachEvent(“onchange”, productonchange);

Now converts to:



3.  crmForm.all.new_name.fireEvent(“onchange”);

Now converts to:



4.  document.getElementById(‘crmFormSelector’).innerText;

Now converts to:



5.  Variables named ‘url’ were accidentally being replaced with getSrc().

Now converts to:

document.all.IFRAME_msn.src = url + crmForm.ObjectId
Xrm.Page.getControl(“IFRAME_msn”).setSrc(url +


6. “Falsy” values are now converted into their actually true and false values.

For example:

crmForm.all.new_actividadciiuid.Disabled = “”;
crmForm.all.new_actividadpatrimonialid.Disabled = “True”;

Now converts to:



New Feature

A new option has been added that will allow you to generate a list of all of the functions found in the converted JavaScript.  I found this very useful when converting large code-bases because it helped to quickly identify duplicate functions and also gave me a really good overview of the system.


Take a Test Drive

Visit the Transformer! product page to get additional information, download the trial version, or view a sample conversion report.

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