SnapShot! 3.0 Released

SnapShot! 3.0 for Dynamics CRM is now available.  Here is a quick overview of what is included in this release:



SnapShot! was enhanced in the following ways:


Report Generation Speed

Internally SnapShot! was entirely re-architected to reduce the amount of time it took to extract data from Dynamics CRM. Additionally, the engines that generate the Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word documents was replaced.  While the performance of each installation will vary, in my test environment this combination resulted in a speed improvement of greater than 50%.


Pack and Go

The ZIP archive technology I was using in SnapShot! produced .zip files that were not compatible with Windows 8 so it was replaced with something that was.


Business Object Report Generation

On the SnapShot! user interface, I separated the business objects from the other Dynamics CRM components. Business Objects include:

  • Business Units
  • Users
  • Queues
  • Teams
  • Security Roles

Since each of these can result in an extremely large Excel worksheet, I decided that the summary reports should each receive their own worksheet.


New Features

The following new features were added.

Audit Summary

This singular report allows you to see what entities and fields are being audited. Read more about this feature here.


JavaScript Function Reference

Produces a list of JavaScript functions found with in the JScript web resources of an organization. Read more about this feature here.


JavaScript Events

Converts the JavaScript events defined on a form into JavaScript calls using the built-in Xrm.Page methods. Read more about this feature here.


Automation Testing Matrix

This feature creates a comprehensive list of all of the workflows and plug-ins defined within the system which will allow your QA department (or the developers) to develop testing scenarios which will activate the various automation components to ensure they are functioning as designed.


For a complete list of all SnapShot! features, please visit our product page.


Want Something Special?

If you purchase SnapShot! before Friday, March 7th at 11:59pm MST, you will receive a 10% discount.

Use the code: Conv2014 when you check out.

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