SnapShot! 3.0 Auditing Summary

SnapShow! 3.0 includes an auditing summary feature that produces a single Microsoft Excel worksheet that contains a list of all entities and fields that have auditing enabled. This information is normally included in the standard entity and field reports but we wanted something specific that would allow you to generate a concise, consolidated report that could easily be sent to either internal or external auditors.

The following information is included:


Entity Information

  • Display Name
  • Name
  • Plural Name
  • Description
  • Ownership
  • Primary Field
  • Areas that display this entity
  • Define as an activity entity
  • Custom Field
  • Notes
  • Is this an Activity?
  • Does this entity participate in Connections?
  • Is this entity Email-enabled
  • Can this entity be used in Mail Merge
  • Can Documents be attached to this entity?
  • Is this entity Queue-enabled?
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Is this entity visible from Mobile Express?
  • Show this entity in the reading pane in CRM for Outlook
  • Is this entity to be displayed with CRM for Outlook in offline mode?


Field Information

  • Entity Display Name
  • Entity Name
  • Display Name
  • Name
  • Field Type
  • Description
  • Custom
  • Requirement Level
  • Searchable
  • Field Security
  • Form Locations
  • Max Length (for text fields)
  • Max Value (for numbers)
  • Min Value (for numbers)
  • Precision (for floating point numbers)
  • Format (for integers)
  • Target Record Type (for lookups.

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