Announcing KnowledgeBits

Hi Everyone,

I am created a new information-delivery service on all of my web sites called KnowledgeBits.  These are tips and tricks that I have assembled over the years while working with various Dynamics CRM-related technologies or processes and are meant to give people a head-start with their activities.

Here is the current list of KnowledgeBit channels:

  • Administration
  • .NET Development (beginning and intermediate)
  • JavaScript (beginning and intermediate)
  • Plug-ins
  • Training Strategies

Each KnowledgeBit channel will be contain between 10 and 25 broadcasts which will be sent once per day.  I am still in the development process for several of the channels so the system will not be fully live for a couple of weeks-but you can still sign up up for delivery.

You can sign up here:

Thanks, Mitch

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