Interesting Dynamics CRM 2011 Bug: Attachments do not get deleted

I verified a strange bug related to attachments and the deleting of the parent record chain.

  • If you delete an Email with an attachment it deletes the attachment.
  • If you delete a Contact with emails that have attachments the email is deleted but not the attachment.

For on-premise CRM administrators, you can use this script to find the orphans:

FROM Attachment t1
LEFT JOIN ActivityMimeAttachment t2 ON t2.AttachmentId = t1.AttachmentId
WHERE t2.AttachmentId IS NULL

My assumption is that you would need to clean these up manually.

If you are using CRM Online, then you will have a much different story and one for which I do not have an answer.

In a nutshell, you need to use the CRM SDK write a small application that will compare the IDs in the Attachment table to those in the ActivityMimeAttachment table and produce a list of Attachments that are not connected to ActivityMimeAttachments, then delete those records.

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