Easing Dynamics CRM 2013 Navigation Troubles

If you have upgraded to Dynamics CRM 2013 you have probably noticed that the navigation has changed quite substantially. This has lead to an increased learning curve, at best, and a loss of productivity, at most.

My friend and fellow CRM MVP Rhett Clinton has arrived on his white horse with a solution.  Let me introduce you to the CRM 2013 Quick View Menu.


What Does It Do?

Well, it will turn this:

into this:

This places all of the Dynamics CRM SiteMap items in a single-pane, grouped by Area, and makes navigation a breeze.



Installation is pretty simple:

1. Install the managed solution.

2. Configure the solution and add Quick View to the SIteMap.

3. Refresh the web page and you are done.


Next Steps

To further enhance the experience, you can set the Quick View Menu to be your startup page, using these steps:

Note: These settings must be performed by an individual user.

1. Click the “Gear” icon on the command bar:


2. Select Options, to display your Personal Options page.

3. Set the Default Pane to Quick View and the Default Tab to Site Map, as shown below:


4. Click OK so save your changes.

5. Press Ctrl+F5 to refresh your web page and you should see the Quick View menu displayed.

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