Monthly Archives: January 2014

Online2 is available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

It seems Microsoft has started rolling out an update to CRM 2013 Online called, “Online2.’ Here is a link to the KB article: and here are the highlights: Online2 resolves the following issues: A custom entity that has multiple "inactive" status reasons can be deactivated without prompting the user to select the appropriate status. […]

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How much space are my Attachments using, part deux

In the first article we discussed using SQL to determine the size of the Attachments in the database. My friend Aron Fischman shared with me similar queries using FetchXml:   <!–Email Attachment File Size Analysis–> <fetch distinct=’false’ mapping=’logical’ aggregate=’true’> <entity name=’activitymimeattachment’> <attribute name=’activitymimeattachmentid’ alias=’EmailAttachmentCount’ aggregate=’count’/> <attribute name=’filesize’ alias=’FileSizeSum’ aggregate=’sum’/> <attribute name=’filesize’ alias=’FileSizeAvg’ aggregate=’avg’/> <attribute name=’filesize’ […]

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CRM 2013: Modifying Administration Navigation

While we’ve already discussed using the Quick View Menu to help with Dynamics CRM 2013 navigation, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show a technique to assist Dynamics CRM System Administrators. First of all, I would like you to download the CRM SiteMap Editor from Simpler Software: It’s free and is very helpful […]

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