SnapShot! v2.0 for Dynamics CRM Released

Version 2.0 of SnapShot! is now available.

Visit the SnapShot! product page to download the sample reports and get more detailed information.

With this update, I’ve added a report that will dump the raw Security Role data returned by CRM. Several people have requested access to the raw data, instead of having the pretty Word document containing all of the circles.

The report, in Excel format, looks something like this:


As you can see, we have the name of the Privilege, the Depth as a human-readable value, and the Depth as it is stored in the database.

This is a precursor to a feature that I would like to add that will perform a comparison of security roles, which should be available sometime before the end of the calendar year. In the mean time, you can create your own role comparison.

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