New Open-Source Project: .NET Code Migrator for Dynamics CRM

I have been doing a lot of CRM upgrades lately and one of the side-effects of this process is a lot of documentation and tooling to help the .NET developer move their code to the CRM 2011 object model.

If you did not know, or have not heard, the next version of CRM, code-named Orion, will no longer support the CRM 4.0 (2007) SOAP endpoint.

This means all of your .NET code ( as well as JavaScript ) that uses the 2007 endpoint will need to be upgraded.

This is not an easy process. 

On a pain level from fuzzy bunnies to sticking icepicks in your ears, I rate it a level 7.

There is lots and lots and lots of manual labor involved so to help with the transition, I’m open-sourcing my upgrade tools and asking for assistance enhancing them.

The project is on CodePlex:

.NET Code Migrator for Dynamics CRM

The initial iteration is a series of search and replace macros to help move your code to the new object model, but we have plans to automate it even more.

So, if you have some time, just happened to be a wizard with Regular Expressions, and want to help out, please send me an email:  mitch at crmaccelerators dot net.

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