JavaScript Upgrade Strategies webinar follow-up

The recording today’s webinar is now up:

Here are the main talking points from today’s meeting:


Here are the strategies I follow when performing an upgrade from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011:

  • #1: Create a test environment
  • #2: Upgrade your object model
  • #3: Use Visual Studio (with add-ins)
  • #4: Reorganize your functions
  • #5: Web Resource Organization
  • #6: Code Removal
  • #7: Code Consolidation
  • #8: Eliminate Single-call Methods
  • #9: Replace SOAP Calls
  • #10: Convert Unsupported Code
  • #11: Configuration vs. Code
  • #12: Refactor, Refactor, Refactor
  • #13: Remove unused web resources
  • #14: Minification
  • #15: Consider disabling your plugins
  • #16: Testing, Testing, Testing


Upgrade Tips:

Here are a few general and developer tips to help with your migration:



Here are some tools to help with the migration of your JavaScript:

JavaScript Converter

Transformer! for Dynamics CRM

CRM Code Validation Tool

Export JavaScript

Export Web Resources

Web Resource Manager




CRM Rules!

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